Facts About Guaranteed No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Life insurance is a shield for individual’s families that can keep them protected against any financial difficulties if the person dies. Therefore, a lot of people go shopping for life insurance policies. However, when they do so, they will find that they have to answer medical questions and undergo medical examinations before they can opt for a life insurance policy. This is something that not everyone is comfortable with as it could be regarded as an invasion of privacy. In this case, individuals will find that guaranteed-issue life insurance is a suitable option for them because it can provide them with the required coverage without needing any sort of medical underwriting.

However, before people do opt for this insurance policy, it is best for them to know facts relating to it. First and foremost, they should understand that guaranteed-issue life insurance is a policy that has been designed to provide people with coverage, regardless of their age and medical history. These policies were introduced solely for retired individuals who couldn’t qualify for any other type of insurance policy. Individuals have to fill a form and then pay the required premiums and they will then be able to receive the insurance they need. When the individual dies, the funds from the policy will be issued to beneficiary who has been listed in the procedure.

The problem that individuals may encounter is that they are notorious for having very little face values. It is very attractive for people to get an insurance policy without undergoing a medical exam, but the policy they may be offered is no greater than $30,000 to $40,000. Such policies were typically introduced for paying off the burial expenses and some other related bills when the policy holder dies. However, since then, insurance companies have widened their scope and are now offering policies with greater face values to individuals for helping the beneficiaries in dealing with financial challenges in the future.

There is room for fraud in these guaranteed life insurance policies such as individuals with a terminal illness may choose to purchase one of these policies to give their families a bigger payout at their death. In order to deal with this issue, insurance companies have come up with a proper graded benefits structure, which indicates that beneficiaries will not be able to get the benefits within two to three years of taking out the policy. Typically, premiums are refunded at the time of payout.

There are some considerations that should be made when choosing this policy. A no medical exam life insurance policy is usually for individuals who are healthy but just want to avoid a medical exam for several reasons. Nonetheless, a traditional life insurance policy can be forgone in the case where individuals need the policy urgently. Before you make a final decision, it’s best to get term life insurance quotes online, so you get the best policy.

How You Can Find the Best Dental Hygiene Schools

How careful you are at keeping your oral cavity healthy decides the health of the rest of your body. I am a Dental Hygienist since 2004 and I know that with the concept of holistic dentistry, almost any disease and condition in the body starts from the oral cavity. Not only do you have to be careful about what you eat but you must also pay close attention to cleaning and washing your oral cavity regardless of what you eat. The saliva that you swallow can be extremely dangerous for your health if plaque and tartar from your teeth goes into your body with it.

With new technology and newer ways of treating teeth and oral cavity, the field of dentistry is getting popular. You can now make a successful career by being a dentist and expect to earn big salaries at the end of the year. However, becoming a dentist is not always the choice of many people. Assisting a dentist side by side, researching on dentistry related subjects or teaching dentistry is something that many people take interest in. These are the people who are not following the education to become a dentist primarily. They are more interested in getting dental hygiene education by completing a certificate or degree program.

Being a dental hygienist myself, I know that the scope of dental hygienist is limited when you have completed only a certificate program but you can always follow the longer degree program that will earn you the baccalaureate dental hygienist degree. Not all schools that offer a certificate program will also be offering the baccalaureate degree. However, there are many that you can choose from. The important thing when you are looking for dental hygiene schools is to consider the accreditation. The program must be accredited by the governing body of that state or country. This information is mostly available on the website of the university.

Another important thing is to look at the reputation of the university. If you are completing the program from a well-known university for its dental hygiene degree you can expect to have bonus points when you are being interviewed for dental hygienist’s post. The quality of the program matters a lot too. Make sure that your certification is not going to complete in less than 2 years. The program should consist of many practical activities where the students should be allowed to help the real patients with their services and do other things related to their job.

There are many online websites that can help you in looking for schools and universities that are offering dental hygiene program. You will be asked to enter the zip code of your area to know the nearest school to your house. This infographic on dental hygiene programs can also be helpful. There are online classes available for dental hygiene certification as well but completing the program in classrooms is highly recommended for this particular program. You must also make sure that you have completed the pre-requisites before going for the certification or degree in dental hygiene. There are universities that accept students from other countries and offer them online classes too.

Ideas for Kids to Get Money in the Summer

Kids Who Love Pets Can Make Summer Money

Your kids can help out neighbors who plan to travel by offering to pet sit. Children who love pets and have experience with them can be relied upon to water, feed, groom and exercise familiar pets. This summer job should only last a few days and parents can expect to supervise this venture. Begin by creating a post on Facebook or print some colorful fliers to distribute in your neighborhood.

Earn Money for Summer with a Stand

Children can earn summer cash by selling homemade goods from a stand in the yard. Some ideas that might earn some summer cash: selling flavored ices, iced tea, lemonade, cookie, brownies or homemade ice cream. Besides the food supplies, you’ll need a table to use as a stand, chairs and some shade. Again, social networking sites are great for promoting your child’s summer job. Post the hours and invite friends and family to stop by for some homemade goodies.

Earn Extra Money with an Art Show

Is your child an aspiring artist? Encourage her to create some masterpieces and then host an art show. Like a professional gallery, issue invitations and allow family members to bid on or purchase outright pictures, paintings and sculptures. Ask the child to make a presentation (if she’s not too shy) and talk about each piece of art. This is an exciting and safe way to earn money for summer.

Source: Money Instructor


The Best Times of Day to Trade Binary Options

The availability of binary options is typically limited to the operating hours of the major global markets. Even so, with time zone differences come plenty of hours for trading with international stocks, indices, commodities, and currency pairs. Within the hours that your chosen platform is open there exists general time-frames which offer better profit opportunities. Knowing what these are will allow you to hone in on the best trade setups.

The best and worst times for trading are directly linked to trade volume. When volume is high, asset prices are on the move and likely to present plenty of options for trading. With decrease volume, prices are often range-bound, locked into the push and pull of a smaller number of investors. The good news is that there are various trade types to choose from, with each being better suited for a specific level of trade volume.

Currencies and commodities are typically available for trading for a longer time each day than stocks. When trading with stocks, you’ll need to consider the specific market that each is traded within. After hours trading does take place in some markets, but binary options traders will not be able to participate. The most active times for any index are going to be the hour after the market opens for the current session and the hour just prior to market closing.

Market hour overlaps do occur each day and these present their own unique types of opportunities. The London and Asia market overlap, as well as the London and New York overlap are the highlights, although other overlaps do occur. Expect to see an increase in global trade volume when these markets are open for trading at the same time. These hours can be especially profitable for those who trade with currency pairs and indices.

There are more favorable trading periods for commodities as well. These times are going to vary, yet they are easy to identify by simply monitoring current market news. For example, when the most recent data related to crude oil supplies is released, there will be more action within the marketplace. This is when price trends can begin, creating easy profit opportunities for all who are in a position to trade at that time.

There are more favorable trading periods for commodities as well. These times are going to vary, yet they are easy to identify by simply monitoring current market news. For example, when the most recent data related to crude oil supplies is released, there will be more action within the marketplace. This is when price trends can begin, creating easy profit opportunities for all who are in a position to trade at that time.

Keys to Your CDs


CD laddering is a technique that allows you to obtain the highest possible interest rate without running the risk of leaving your investment capital inaccessible for a long period of time. Traditionally, the only way to get the highest rate possible is to invest your money into a long-term CD. But depending on the condition of the market, interest rates can rise, leaving you helpless to take advantage of those conditions.

A CD ladder is a solution to this problem. Instead of putting your money into a high-yield 3-year CD, you should divide your capital into three equal portions and put it into 1-, 2-, and 3-year CDs. Even though the first two CDs will have lower interest rates, the object here is to reinvest the money earned from the 1- and 2-year CDs into a second and third 3-year term. When this is accomplished, you have your capital locked into three different long-term CDs with maturation dates that are staggered. And when each of these mature, in three successive years, you have fresh capital to reinvest as you please

Rate-Bump CDs

When rates are increasing, rate-bump CDs are convenient. These CDs allow you to adjust the interest rate to reflect the market. Usually once and only for the remaining term of the CD. The only drawback is that the initial interest rate is lower than the rate of a traditional CD. The term agreement may also be longer.

This is one of the rare CD options that can be considered speculative. Meaning that you’re taking a gamble that interest rates will rise. If you purchased a 24 month CD with a bump-up option and compared it to a traditional CD without that option you’d see that yours has an interest rate lower that the traditional. Lets say a quarter of a point lower. This means that the interest rate would have to rise significantly higher than a quarter point in order for you to take advantage of your CD. Some institutions may even require term extensions when the bump-up is exercised.

When it comes to CDs, there’s a lot more than just buying one and forgetting about it. If done correctly, the money profited can be extremely helpful in regards to other investments. For more information, visit the source of this article: Investopedia

How to Obtain No Medical Exam Life Insurance

I heard many people saying that Life insurance policies are extremely beneficial for families, especially if they are taken out for providers of the family. However, when I started looking for a life insurance, I learned that getting a life insurance policy can be a time consuming task, which requires a lot of steps and paperwork. One aspect of life insurance is medical examination where the insurance company asks the applicant to undergo a complete medical examination. This is for determining if the individual suffers from any medical condition because the insurance premium is calculated accordingly. Although I do not have any medical condition that could be a problem for me, I was still afraid going through several medical exams in order to get a life insurance. I started looking for my options and that’s when I came to know about no medical exam life insurance.

Since I did not really wish to reveal my personal health information to the insurance company, the option worked really well for me. This type of insurance works the same way as a standard one. I have a life insurance for 3 years now and the cover I have is worth $400,000; I am certain I could have gotten around the same with a standard life insurance policy. I’d like to share some guidelines here that can be very helpful for people looking for an insurance policy like this:

With the steps, I am sure people can easily find a policy without having to go to the trouble of medical examination.

Dual Indicator Intraday Binary Options Strategy

This intraday binary options strategy is used to trade price reversals. Often, this method will identify a reversal even before a shift in market sentiment has occurred. Candlesticks are used to pinpoint the upcoming price action, with both the stochastic indicator and Bollinger bands being used to provide the signals for market entry. Some previous knowledge of how to use these indicators within a MetaTrader chart is going to be helpful.

What you’ll be looking for is the point where the uppermost tip of the second candlestick is lower than the uppermost tip of the first. For day two, you’ll be watching for the lowermost point of the second candlestick to be higher than the lowermost point of the day one candlestick. When the stochastic indicator is showing overbought conditions and the intraday candle appears at the top Bollinger band, a decrease in the asset price is being indicated. In reverse, these conditions indicate an upcoming price increase.

In writing this method may sound complex, but within your MetaTrader, or similar chart, you’ll be able to visually see all of this price action taking place. Within this chart, entry signals are going to be quite clear. However, they aren’t going to be extremely helpful unless the actual price action is paired with the correct type of binary options trade. Call or Put trades typically work best with this method, but they are not the only option that can be used.

For basic trades, whenever the intraday candlestick forms at the lower Bollinger band while the stochastic is showing oversold conditions it’s time to trade. Here you would purchase a “Call” option and expiry time frame of 2-3 days. When opting for a No-Touch trade, the entry price should be roughly 50 pips less than the current market price and moving in the direction of the target price. Here again, a 2-3 day expiration period will be the appropriate selection.

One Touch trades will work a bit differently. With these the entry price should be chosen from within the range of prices that extend from the middle Bollinger band to the current market price. Here, the expiry selection should be at least four days as to allow enough time for the asset price to touch the target. In most binary options platforms, One Touch trades automatically come with a mandatory seven day expiry period. This expiry period will work well in conjunction with this strategy.

The use of Bollinger bands in conjunction with a stochastic oscillator will help to reduce the number of false signals. However, there is room for error when using this strategy, particularly if the actual time of expiry is positioned near the release of any associated economic or financial report. Be sure to check your economic calendar prior to selecting the expiry time. The one exception would be One Touch trades. With this type of binary options trade, major market news could provide a strong price push that would allow the asset price to touch the target.

Why Generation X Shouldn’t Fear Retirement

Generation X is constantly being bombarded with articles about their financial challenges. We are promised a bleak retirement. A lean retirement looms for those of us born between 1965 and 1980, according to a recent Chicago Tribune article. The thing is, it’s not even remotely true. That’s because Gen-X’ers are survivalists. I don’t doubt that Gen-X’ers lag behind other generations at this stage of the “game,” but they will surpass every generation by the time they retire.

Owning homes outright

Generation X’ers will be the first generation since the Greatest Generation to own more of their homes outright. Most of us have been burned by the housing collapse since we purchased our homes when prices were at the top. Even though I’m out from being underwater on my mortgage, I’m not moving. It’s the Millennials and baby boomers that seem to be out buying homes while people in my generation stay put with low interest rates. With a 2.75 percent interest rate, I’ll be mortgage free before I turn 55.

Avoiding student loan debt

After getting burned on student loan debt, many Gen-X parents dissuade their children from taking out college loans. I sent my sons to community college, and a lot of my peers are doing the same thing. Our children have seen older Millennials burdened with tens of thousands of student loan and credit card debt. Our children aren’t going to college for 6 years to study psychology. They are getting practical degrees that qualify them for jobs.

Dealing with slipping income

It’s true a lot of Gen-X’ers have deal with lowered income. In fact, the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances cited by the Chicago Tribune article shows the income of Gen-X’ers dropped 9.1 percent during the recession. I myself experienced more pay cuts and furloughs than I can remember. Instead of racking up credit card debt, I just cut my spending. Like my peers, I know how to survive economically. I treat debt like a financial plague.

Banking on nothing but ourselves

Unlike older generations, we aren’t expecting to inherit money to bail us out in retirement. In fact, we aren’t even expecting Social Security to be there for us. We have to own our homes outright and have money saved in Roth IRA accounts. I watched my 401(k) balance take a huge hit after saving up in my 30s. It reminded me of the dot.com bubble when I saw the money I saved in my 20s vanish. Maybe the bold baby boomers will risk their retirement money in the stock market, but I’m pulling out before the baby boomers crash the market.

Generation X may have been hit hardest by the recession, but we are bouncing back. We are a lot more resilient and ingenious than some realize. The baby boomer generation was given a golden opportunity because of the booming economy, but many squandered it. Maybe younger boomers will die at their desks, but Gen-X’ers are going to retire with financial peace of mind because they built their own retirements.

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What Type of Accounting Software Should You Choose?

As the Computers progressed so did the accountancy software programs. I will attempt to aid you in your search for the finest accountancy software, by noting a couple of websites and a small review of their software.

Many are complex, yet easy-to-use accounts software application. It is available in 2 versions: Account Pro (has every attribute allowed) and Account Pro Lite (a less complex model). It is multilingual, multicurrency and could be linked on approximately three computers. It can work with projects and expense centers and the discount and tax transactions could be done automatically. One more plus is that it could collaborate with both the British and American kind of accountancy.

A company calling for advanced accounting will certainly profit the most from Executive. 3 types of statements, numerous bank account capacities and multicurrency device are just a few of the attributes the programmers created for Exec. Even though preliminary executive could be used on one computer just, it could be upgrade to an unrestricted variety of customers. Various other features consist of: approximately 5 moneys all at once and limitless variety of budgets. Any kind of report could be published in any kind of currency and different transactions diaries are held for the different moneys.

Some software program has all the requirements of an multi-user, large business bookkeeping software program need to have. It has specialized alternatives for production, inventory and service. It is noteworthy that the number of possible moneys could be virtually unlimited. Data could be evaluated and accessed simultaneously by a number of customers. It has a highly effective search engine to help you find just the record you are looking for. Reports could be developed trough Microsoft Word and Excel.

Peachtree Comprehensive Bookkeeping is multi-user, durable accounting software program. It gives the user with valuable information on accounts and personnel.

Transitioning From Forex to Binary Options

Currency pairs are one of the asset highlights within every binary options platform. For those who have already traded Forex, this asset class presents plenty of profit opportunities. Since these two forms of trading function differently, some adjustments must be made. However, many Forex traders find that the knowledge they already possess in relation to currencies can make the transition much smoother.

The fact that currencies are traded in such a high volume means that Forex traders are used to dealing with volatility within the marketplace. However, volatility becomes less frightening when trading binary options because the overall distance of price movement has no direct impact on earnings. The task is simply to be able to forecast the upcoming price direction. Return rates are fixed, so if your forecast is correct you earn the full profit amount regardless of whether the price movement was a single pip or a million pips.

Prospective loss amounts are fixed as well, and the total loss amount for any trade finishing out of the money can never exceed the initial investment amount. In Forex, profits and losses can vary, with the amounts being directly impacted by the range of price movement. Because of this, changes to your money management plan are likely to be needed when switching from FX trading to binary options trading. When selecting shorter expiry times, your funds will not be locked up for long. This frees up money that can be used to increase your trade volume.

Many of the charting tools that you already use to trade Forex can still be used to trade binary options. The highly popular MetaTrader chart is a prime example. With just a few small adjustments, MT4 can be used to complete technical analysis for options trades. Fundamental analysis will be exactly the same, with market news providing you with important information about how and why currency prices are moving as they are at any given time. The transition in this area should be extremely smooth.

Not all traders decide to use only one form of investment. Using more than one form can provide a number of benefits, such as a reduction in the overall time commitment related to research and analysis. Another benefit would be the ability to cash in on attractive profit opportunities within more than one platform. Do exercise caution when trading within multiple platforms, however, as trying to do too many things at once can cause confusion.

Digital options offer plenty of appeal to those who are already familiar with the markets. The start-up costs are low and risks can be kept to a minimum via wise investment decisions and fixed profit and loss amounts. The system is quite basic, but this does not mean that everyone will earn money. Even so, Forex traders tend to fair well within binary options platforms simply because they already know just what to expect from the ever-changing currencies market.