Five of the Best Podcasts that Focus on the World of Finance

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An exceptional resource for today’s busy world is the podcast. Podcasts provide the latest news and breaking trends in an easy listening format, making it a highly preferred method of obtaining information for people on the go. This is especially true for citizens looking for information on the finance industry. There are plenty of high quality podcasts that focus on the world of business and finance if you know where to look. Here is a look at the podcasts I currently subscribe to.


Kiplinger is a trusted source for information on the financial world, and with their bi-monthly podcast, even the busiest among us can stay up to date on financial news. Kiplinger’s podcast is released every other Tuesday and focuses on personal finance topics. I find this podcast to be exceedingly informative and highly easy to follow. You can listen to the podcast on Kiplinger’s website, via RSS feed or downloading it directly from iTunes.

Financial Post

Another podcast I find to be a fantastic point of reference is hosted by Financial Post. Financial Post’s podcast is updated frequently and episodes are divided into three different categories: FP Tech Desk, Executive and Big Picture. Financial Post’s podcasts delve into business news, ever-changing finance information and informative updates on the world of technology. You can listen to the Financial Post podcast on their website, via RSS feed and iTunes.

Standard and Poor

Standard and Poor’s podcast is a formidable source for information on the global financial market. This podcast is updated constantly, with multiple episodes per day. I find the information provided by the Standard and Poor podcast to be exceedingly helpful. You can listen to Standard and Poor’s podcast on by visiting their website, or by downloading via RSS feed or iTunes.

Wall Street Journal

A source that is synonymous with business and finance is the Wall Street Journal. I follow the Wall Street Journal’s podcast very closely, and without any difficulty. The beauty of the Wall Street Journal’s podcast is that there are so many ways to tune in, including calling by phone to listen, following the podcast feed on Twitter, tuning in to Stitcher Radio, downloading via iTunes or visiting the Wall Street Journal’s website. This podcast is updated daily, and their are plenty of current episodes to catch up on.

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