BOBB3E Has These Amazing Lessons to Teach You About Lego Mindstorms EV3

BOBB3E is one of the supplemental robot projects from Lego’s Mindstorms EV3 Robotics kit (kit # 31313). Easily downloadable through the Mindstorms program interface for your PC or Mac, this pint-sized forklift packs plenty of punch in both entertainment value and building up your skills for your own robot designs. Like TRACK3R , BOBB3E uses a caterpillar track system of movement that I prefer for stability and ease of control. Additionally, the use of the medium motor for the lifting and lowering of the fork arms provides plenty of power to lift some fairly impressive weights. Digging a little deeper, here are some amazing lessons that BOBB3E can teach us:

Use of Gears

Gear use is one of those skills that will always come in handy in a Mindstorms EV3 project. BOBB3E is no exception with the clever use of gears in conjunction with the medium motor to make up the mechanism that controls the lifting/lowering of the forks. Although not terribly complex, the 36-tooth gear is used together with the 12-tooth beveled gear to create the device. Additionally, the 20-tooth gear and the 12-tooth gear make up the motion mechanics of the tank tracks using the large motors as their source of power. Getting familiar with some of the more basic uses of gears will prepare you for more complex applications such as those used with the GRIPP3R robot.

The Switch Loop

One of the great strengths of the Mindstorms EV3 kit is the ability to program your creations to do whatever you want. BOBB3E comes with a fully functional program that you can use as soon as you are done constructing the robot. The heart of this program is the adept use of the switch loop together with the EV3 IR (Infrared) remote control. The switch loop allows the programmer to build in actions to perform given a set of conditions, or ‘cases’, to the input being received. For example, one of the ‘cases’ that BOBB3E might encounter is what to do when both the top red and top blue buttons on the IR remote control are pressed. In this situation a programming sequence takes over that rotates both large motors forward, which in turn moves BOBB3E forward. The great versatility of the switch loop is that a specific case and associated action can be built around every conceivable situation that BOBB3E might encounter.

BOBB3E’s Missions

BOBB3E also comes with the ability for its programming to be modified, which gives you the opportunity to complete various challenges or missions. Anything from minor modifications such as adding sounds during actions or manipulating the motor strength to larger scale redesign such as adding the ability for different IR remote control channels to be used can be made to the original program. This provides a great way to experiment and learn more about how to work in the program design space without worrying about losing anything critical.

Udacity Educational System Will Change Education for the Better


Sebastian Thrun is a Research Professor at Stanford University and CEO of Udacity. Sebastian’s background in the tech world covers his time as the founder of Google X and as the Project Lead on Google Glass and the inventor of the autonomous car. Fortune Magazine has named him one of the 50 smartest people in Tech and Fast Company has named him the 5th most creative person in business. Time magazine focused on Sebastian and his inventions in their 50 Best Inventions of 2010 article.

Vish Makhijani is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Udacity. His background at Zynga, Yandex and Yahoo led him to develop great things at highly successful internet companies but his passion for improving education and making it accessible to all was always lying dormant.

Mission of Udacity

Udacity mission statement is to make education accessible, affordable, engaging and highly effective. Udacity believes that higher education is not just for young people but all people. With the average person having many careers in today’s world, continued skill-oriented education is important and there is a demand. In the old days, one person could make due with one education because it was more than likely they would have only one career. Not true in today’s world. Udacity focus will be to combine critical thinking with modern mathematical science coupled with a real world grasp on modern technology to make their graduates ready for a job skill-specific career.

The revolution in education

Nanodegrees will bridge the gap and not require the 4 to 5 years to learn like a conventional college or University. These Nanodegrees will take anyone from 6 to 12 months to complete determined by the students pace and how many hours they dedicate per week towards completing the modules. The Nanodegrees will be segmented to include five aspects of learning, from self assessment, course work, hands-on-design of projects, elective courses to solidify their background and specify their expertise, capstone projects showcasing your work, and Udacity sending out their resume to it’s industry partner’s recruiters.

Courses Offered

All courses are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. An example of a beginner course is “Intro to Computer Science.” It offers a two week, “love it or leave it trial period” and costs $99 per month. The course is estimated at 3 months in length if the student allocates 6 hours per week to study. All students can move at their own pace so a fast learner can most likely finish the course in one month if they devote 20 hours a week to the course work. In this course, you will learn out to build your own search engine and a social networking site. There is no prior computer programming experience necessary. You will also learn how to manage data, how programs execute, and how to solve programming problems with universal techniques.


Udacity is the type of education to help people who are downsized or lose their job due to technological advances and need the further education to regain their place in the workforce. This is not a one and done answer to education but a lifetime educational opportunity at a fair cost and the educational modules are short enough so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel from the start and not being bankrupt or owing tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

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How to Go About Getting Your Credit Score

In order to build the best credit score you can, you first have to know where you stand. That means you need to get your credit score in the first place. And you need a way of retrieving it on a regular basis too.

One sure way to have regular access is to sign up with one of the different credit monitoring services available nowadays. These services will provide you with one or more credit score retrievals plus other features and benefits. Each service differs in some way from the others when it comes to features. You need to see for yourself what they have to offer to determine which one’s right for you. Here are what I consider the three best subscription services. Each one offers a different mix of services and pricing. But each one does offer some sort of free trial period so you can get a good sense of how the service would work for you without paying a dime.

Unfortunately, there is no real way to get just your credit score for free – unless of course you’ve been denied credit in which case the lender is obligated to provide you with your credit score information – but that’s too late to do you any good.

You can buy your credit score from the individual credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax) if you desire. You can also go to the Fair Issac Corp. website ( to purchase either the TransUnion or Equifax versions – Experian doesn’t work with myFICO. The cost is variable but as an example, myFICO was charging $19.95 for a credit score as of this writing. I think this is a little expensive for one-off credit scores, but if you want to go in that direction, here’s the contact information you need.

What About Free Credit Reports?

Credit reports are different animals than credit scores. Your credit report isn’t a score; it’s a compilation of information on how you pay your bills, if you’ve filed for bankruptcy, and other public reported information such as arrests or lawsuits. Unlike credit scores, credit reports are available for free because the Fair Credit Reporting Act (of 2011) mandates that each credit bureau supply one per year to anyone who asks.

But don’t be fooled by those TV commercials, there’s only one website authorized to handle these free credit report requests.

You can order 1 free credit report per year from each of the credit bureaus. That means 1 from Equifax, 1 from TransUnion, and 1 from Experian for a total of 3 reports per year – or 1 about every 4 months. For many people, this is enough to monitor their credit activity. If you want more up-to-the-minute monitoring, or even daily access, you should purchase a credit monitoring package (see above).

Does Checking Your Credit Score Affect Your Credit?

Your own credit score retrievals won’t negatively impact your credit. However, inquiries made by businesses with whom you’ve applied for credit will knock your score down a tiny bit. Several inquiries over a short period of time has long been a tell-tale sign of potential credit problems and the credit score calculations take that into account.

Tips for Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy won’t be easy but it is definitely possible. In fact the best way to start is prior to you becoming bankrupt. You need to speak to your bankruptcy attorney to check that this suggestion will work in your particular circumstances not to mention where you live. If you have an OK credit score you should apply for a credit card with a totally different company to the ones you currently owe. Open the account but do not use it. As you don’t owe anything on the credit account you shouldn’t have to declare it on your bankruptcy filing nor should you have to advise the financial institution. Although bankruptcies are a matter of public record, not all banks will check on existing account holders. Then when your Chapter 7 liquidation has been finalized you can start to use the credit card account but only put small amounts on the card and pay it off straight away. This will help to build up your credit score as you are using your card responsibly.

Regular savings is key

Second tip is to start a savings account once your bankruptcy has been finalized. Set up a standing order into this account and save regularly over the next months and years. It is amazing how often people forget this step but showing a record of savings can help to offset a lot of the effects of having poor credit. This is particularly true if you hold your savings account at a bank that you later use to borrow money from.

Pay bills on time

Always pay your bills on time and never ever miss a payment. The bankruptcy is on your credit record for a set period of time and there is nothing you can do about that. But from now on you want a blemish free report. Keep an eye on your credit report to make sure that there are no errors or unusual transactions. You don’t need any more problems.

Which type of bankruptcy should you file?

There is some argument over which is the best type of bankruptcy to file with regard to the impact on your credit score. Some people believe filing for Chapter 13 is better than Chapter 7 but we are yet to be convinced. Under a Chapter 13 you are tied in making repayments for three to five years whereas under a Chapter 7 the slate should be wiped clean. All your debts will be gone and you get to start over with hopefully more cash in your pocket. Listen to your attorney and take his or her advice as they are the experts in this area of law and also in the way your State operates with regard to bankruptcy. Some are more forgiving than others!

Don’t apply for new credit

Don’t apply for new credit. Too many new applications will adversely impact even the highest credit score but for those with a poor credit rating it will only make things a lot worse. Get into the habit of operating in cash and only buy stuff when you can afford it and not before.

Consider a pre-paid credit card but only if really needed

If you really need a credit card and didn’t think to open an account prior to going bankrupt or were unable to do so, have a think about a prepaid credit card. With these cards you have to deposit the money you could spend as security and you are only allowed to spend up to whatever limit has been set on the card. The interest rates are high and there may be other charges as well such as an annual fee. These cards are best avoided if at all possible. You really don’t want to pay out any more money in unnecessary charges.

Don’t use a credit repair agency

Do not use a credit repair agency as they can’t do anything other than what we have recommended above. They often suggest that clients apply for credit using a slightly different social security number. Or they may suggest you start up a new social security account. Both these tricks are illegal as it is fraud and it really is not worth getting into trouble with authorities. The Judge won’t care who advised you to do it and you could find yourself doing jail time.

Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy isn’t the only thing that is important

Rebuilding your credit score is obviously important but it is not the biggest issue you will face after bankruptcy. You need to rebuild your self confidence and self belief too. As part of your bankruptcy filing you will have had to attend a financial management course. Take this opportunity to really master your finances so that you never face the prospect of filing for Chapter 7 or 13 again.

These tips for rebuilding credit after bankruptcy do work but the best lesson of all is to learn how to manage your money. That is the only way to financial freedom, something we should all be aiming to achieve.

Basic Stochastic Trend Binary Options Strategy

Stochastic is a well-known indicator that works well in forecasting price movement for binary options trades. In this strategy it is used in the process of technical analysis for the purpose of identifying a price trend. Trends are among the best types of price movement, as they provide the clearest view of upcoming price direction. Although asset prices can be quite volatile at times, other times they are going to move in a single direction for a period of time.

Price trends include both upward and downward price movement. At times the price of an asset will start to rise or fall quickly. Other times the change is more gradual. Fast movement, or spikes, typically do not allow a lot of time for trading. This type of price action is usually short-lived because it causes the price to reach an area of resistance rather quickly. Slower movement will allow more time to execute a number of trades in accordance with the current direction.

This binary options strategy can be put to use within the live trading platform at: Included are two different methods which may be used to verify a price trend. Both methods should be used to increase the accuracy of your technical analysis. The first method is visual confirmation, the second uses stochastic along with various time-frames to assess the upcoming price movement.

Visual Verification of the Trend

Visual verification consists of simply pinpointing the trend via the use of a basic price chart. Most brokers provide this type of chart, and it should include the ability to see past price movement for various time-frames. Basic charts show just a single line that moves up and down along with the action price movement. This makes it extremely easy to see exactly how high or low the value of your selected asset has gone for a specified period of time.

Additionally, you can use trend lines for visual confirmation. These lines connect successive highs and lows inside a chart. A series of high peaks typically points to an upward moving trend, a series of lows typically points to a downward moving trend. Whenever neither of these types of movement are noted, the price is said to be range-bound and not trending. The Stochastic indicator will show you all of this, but note that it is less reliable under ranging conditions.

Stochastic Verification of the Trend

Stochastic only provides an entry point when the price shows a number of high or low peaks in succession. High peaks point to “Call” opportunities, while low peaks point to “Put” opportunities. Whenever stochastic validates the trend, you’ll enter the market once stochastic is aimed in the same direction as the current price movement. If you have visual confirmation and stochastic is providing confirmation as well, enter into a trade when the stochastic generates a new trough and points up or down.

There will be times when the prevailing trend is extremely clear, resulting in little need for in-depth analysis. Even so, it is wise to still analyze the movement so as to determine just how long the trend may last. Using short-term trades such as 60 Seconds, you may be able to execute a number of profitable binary options trades within a short time-frame.

Tips on How to Find Cheap Car Insurance

Everybody is seeking cheap car insurance, but what many individuals want to know is how to find it. If your car insurance is presently high, there are several steps that you can take to lower your monthly premiums. If you are seeking a bargain-basement policy, remember that switching insurance companies may not be the best approach, especially if your present insurance company is trustworthy. Decreasing your cost may not make any sense if you end with a company that is questionable. Here are some great tips on how to find cheap car insurance.

1. Comparison shop
Often times the best deals can be acquired with your present insurance company, but sometimes the best deals will take you elsewhere. By comparison shopping, you may be able to uncover some cheap insurance companies that you may not have been originally aware of.

2. Bundle your policies
Many Insurance companies offer competitive auto insurance rates when you bundle your home owner’s insurance and car insurance with the same provider. The multi-discount can sometimes be in excess of 10%.

3. Raise your deductible
The Insurance Information Institute has reported that consumers can save as much as 20% on their car insurance if they increase their deductibles from $200 to $500. It is also important to understand that the higher the deductible, the higher the out of pocket expenses. If you are in a car accident and you have to put the deductible on a credit card, the cheap insurance is no longer cheap when you are paying credit card interest.

4. Ask about discounts for which you qualify
Take the time and ask your insurance agent about available discounts. For example, if your car is parked in a garage, you may qualify for a discount because your car is less likely to be stolen and it is protected from any possible weather damage.

5. Purchasing the right type of car
If you are in the market for a new car, the type of car you purchase can ultimately affect your insurance premiums. Cars that are expensive to repair or replace result in higher insurance premiums. Some safety features can also result in lower insurance premiums. Most major insurance companies provides discounts for air bags, anti-lock brakes, and anti-theft devices.

6. Don’t purchase unneeded insurance coverage
If you have an older vehicle that does not cost very much to replace, you can save by removing the collision and comprehensive coverage. Many experts state that insurers should do this when the actual cash value no longer justifies the insurance coverage.

7. Consider removing medical protection
Also, there is no need to pay for additional medical protection if you have already have good health insurance. This will also dramatically lower your insurance premiums.

A good insurance agent will discuss what is essential and what is not. These tips should assist you in finding the cheap car insurance.

Ideas for Kids to Get Money in the Summer

Kids Who Love Pets Can Make Summer Money

Your kids can help out neighbors who plan to travel by offering to pet sit. Children who love pets and have experience with them can be relied upon to water, feed, groom and exercise familiar pets. This summer job should only last a few days and parents can expect to supervise this venture. Begin by creating a post on Facebook or print some colorful fliers to distribute in your neighborhood.

Earn Money for Summer with a Stand

Children can earn summer cash by selling homemade goods from a stand in the yard. Some ideas that might earn some summer cash: selling flavored ices, iced tea, lemonade, cookie, brownies or homemade ice cream. Besides the food supplies, you’ll need a table to use as a stand, chairs and some shade. Again, social networking sites are great for promoting your child’s summer job. Post the hours and invite friends and family to stop by for some homemade goodies.

Earn Extra Money with an Art Show

Is your child an aspiring artist? Encourage her to create some masterpieces and then host an art show. Like a professional gallery, issue invitations and allow family members to bid on or purchase outright pictures, paintings and sculptures. Ask the child to make a presentation (if she’s not too shy) and talk about each piece of art. This is an exciting and safe way to earn money for summer.

Source: Money Instructor

Facts About Guaranteed No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Life insurance is a shield for individual’s families that can keep them protected against any financial difficulties if the person dies. Therefore, a lot of people go shopping for life insurance policies. However, when they do so, they will find that they have to answer medical questions and undergo medical examinations before they can opt for a life insurance policy. This is something that not everyone is comfortable with as it could be regarded as an invasion of privacy. In this case, individuals will find that guaranteed-issue life insurance is a suitable option for them because it can provide them with the required coverage without needing any sort of medical underwriting.

However, before people do opt for this insurance policy, it is best for them to know facts relating to it. First and foremost, they should understand that guaranteed-issue life insurance is a policy that has been designed to provide people with coverage, regardless of their age and medical history. These policies were introduced solely for retired individuals who couldn’t qualify for any other type of insurance policy. Individuals have to fill a form and then pay the required premiums and they will then be able to receive the insurance they need. When the individual dies, the funds from the policy will be issued to beneficiary who has been listed in the procedure.

The problem that individuals may encounter is that they are notorious for having very little face values. It is very attractive for people to get an insurance policy without undergoing a medical exam, but the policy they may be offered is no greater than $30,000 to $40,000. Such policies were typically introduced for paying off the burial expenses and some other related bills when the policy holder dies. However, since then, insurance companies have widened their scope and are now offering policies with greater face values to individuals for helping the beneficiaries in dealing with financial challenges in the future.

There is room for fraud in these guaranteed life insurance policies such as individuals with a terminal illness may choose to purchase one of these policies to give their families a bigger payout at their death. In order to deal with this issue, insurance companies have come up with a proper graded benefits structure, which indicates that beneficiaries will not be able to get the benefits within two to three years of taking out the policy. Typically, premiums are refunded at the time of payout.

There are some considerations that should be made when choosing this policy. A no medical exam life insurance policy is usually for individuals who are healthy but just want to avoid a medical exam for several reasons. Nonetheless, a traditional life insurance policy can be forgone in the case where individuals need the policy urgently. Before you make a final decision, it’s best to get term life insurance quotes online, so you get the best policy.

How You Can Find the Best Dental Hygiene Schools

How careful you are at keeping your oral cavity healthy decides the health of the rest of your body. I am a Dental Hygienist since 2004 and I know that with the concept of holistic dentistry, almost any disease and condition in the body starts from the oral cavity. Not only do you have to be careful about what you eat but you must also pay close attention to cleaning and washing your oral cavity regardless of what you eat. The saliva that you swallow can be extremely dangerous for your health if plaque and tartar from your teeth goes into your body with it.

With new technology and newer ways of treating teeth and oral cavity, the field of dentistry is getting popular. You can now make a successful career by being a dentist and expect to earn big salaries at the end of the year. However, becoming a dentist is not always the choice of many people. Assisting a dentist side by side, researching on dentistry related subjects or teaching dentistry is something that many people take interest in. These are the people who are not following the education to become a dentist primarily. They are more interested in getting dental hygiene education by completing a certificate or degree program.

Being a dental hygienist myself, I know that the scope of dental hygienist is limited when you have completed only a certificate program but you can always follow the longer degree program that will earn you the baccalaureate dental hygienist degree. Not all schools that offer a certificate program will also be offering the baccalaureate degree. However, there are many that you can choose from. The important thing when you are looking for dental hygiene schools is to consider the accreditation. The program must be accredited by the governing body of that state or country. This information is mostly available on the website of the university.

Another important thing is to look at the reputation of the university. If you are completing the program from a well-known university for its dental hygiene degree you can expect to have bonus points when you are being interviewed for dental hygienist’s post. The quality of the program matters a lot too. Make sure that your certification is not going to complete in less than 2 years. The program should consist of many practical activities where the students should be allowed to help the real patients with their services and do other things related to their job.

There are many online websites that can help you in looking for schools and universities that are offering dental hygiene program. You will be asked to enter the zip code of your area to know the nearest school to your house. This infographic on dental hygiene programs can also be helpful. There are online classes available for dental hygiene certification as well but completing the program in classrooms is highly recommended for this particular program. You must also make sure that you have completed the pre-requisites before going for the certification or degree in dental hygiene. There are universities that accept students from other countries and offer them online classes too.

Dual Indicator Intraday Binary Options Strategy

This intraday binary options strategy is used to trade price reversals. Often, this method will identify a reversal even before a shift in market sentiment has occurred. Candlesticks are used to pinpoint the upcoming price action, with both the stochastic indicator and Bollinger bands being used to provide the signals for market entry. Some previous knowledge of how to use these indicators within a MetaTrader chart is going to be helpful.

What you’ll be looking for is the point where the uppermost tip of the second candlestick is lower than the uppermost tip of the first. For day two, you’ll be watching for the lowermost point of the second candlestick to be higher than the lowermost point of the day one candlestick. When the stochastic indicator is showing overbought conditions and the intraday candle appears at the top Bollinger band, a decrease in the asset price is being indicated. In reverse, these conditions indicate an upcoming price increase.

In writing this method may sound complex, but within your MetaTrader, or similar chart, you’ll be able to visually see all of this price action taking place. Within this chart, entry signals are going to be quite clear. However, they aren’t going to be extremely helpful unless the actual price action is paired with the correct type of binary options trade. Call or Put trades typically work best with this method, but they are not the only option that can be used.

For basic trades, whenever the intraday candlestick forms at the lower Bollinger band while the stochastic is showing oversold conditions it’s time to trade. Here you would purchase a “Call” option and expiry time frame of 2-3 days. When opting for a No-Touch trade, the entry price should be roughly 50 pips less than the current market price and moving in the direction of the target price. Here again, a 2-3 day expiration period will be the appropriate selection.

One Touch trades will work a bit differently. With these the entry price should be chosen from within the range of prices that extend from the middle Bollinger band to the current market price. Here, the expiry selection should be at least four days as to allow enough time for the asset price to touch the target. In most binary options platforms, One Touch trades automatically come with a mandatory seven day expiry period. This expiry period will work well in conjunction with this strategy.

The use of Bollinger bands in conjunction with a stochastic oscillator will help to reduce the number of false signals. However, there is room for error when using this strategy, particularly if the actual time of expiry is positioned near the release of any associated economic or financial report. Be sure to check your economic calendar prior to selecting the expiry time. The one exception would be One Touch trades. With this type of binary options trade, major market news could provide a strong price push that would allow the asset price to touch the target.