Where to Get Your Doctoral Degree in Mathematics Education Online

Those with a math education degree who wish to pursue a doctorate in this field will have a wide array of career opportunities awaiting them, including a math instructor on any level, from K through college and graduate levels, a K-12 mathematics supervisor, mathematics department chair, or a job with the state department of education.

Unfortunately, right now there are few Ph.D. programs in mathematics education, and none that are offered online. However, it is possible to earn an online doctorate in either mathematics or education with several areas of concentration. The best way to decide is to solidify your career goals and talk to people already in that field.

If you are unable to earn an on-campus Ph.D. in mathematics education for whatever reason and must pursue an online doctorate, find out which area of concentration will be more helpful in your chosen field. Also take into consideration your previous degrees and experience. If you are heavy in Mathematics but lack very much educational training, then a doctorate in Education may be the best choice. Likewise, if you have already pursued advanced training in the educational field and know you want to focus on mathematics, then a Ph.D. in math may be the best choice for you.

Below, you’ll find some of the top online Ph.D. programs in both mathematics and education. Once you have gained valuable insight from professionals in your chosen field, study the programs offered, check for the appropriate accreditation, and choose the online Ph.D. program that’s best for you.

Walden University Online
Walden University offers Ph.D.s in Education with eleven different concentrations. While they do not offer a formal Ph.D. in mathematics education, they do offer a Ph.D. in Education: Self-Designed. This major would allow you to design your own Ph.D. program tailored to your needs, including a doctorate in mathematics education, which graduates have done in the past. Currently, this is the closest you can come to an actual Ph.D. in mathematics education online. Click on the above link to get more information about this doctorate program.

Capella University
At Capella University online, you’ll find Ph.D.s in Education in 14 different concentrations. Most helpful to the field of mathematics education would be concentrations in Information Technology Education, Leadership for Higher Education, and Professional Studies in Education, which you can custom design to fit your chosen field of study. While mathematics education is not formally offered, this customizable option can help you approximate a Ph.D. in this area.

Argosy University Online
Several doctorates in education are offered from Argosy University online; the most helpful to someone wishing to pursue the field of mathematics education would be concentrations in both Educational Leadership, focusing on a career in leading an educational institution and Teaching and Learning, focusing on those who want a career in curriculum development and advanced leadership roles within curriculum and instruction.

University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix offers several online doctorates in education including, Doctor of Ed. in Educational Leadership/Educational Technology, Doctor of Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration. Depending on which program you choose, you can focus on either leader and administrative roles within education, which may better prepare you to head up a mathematics department or take on other leadership roles related to education and mathematics, or focus on advanced instructional methods, which will help you in a career of higher level mathematics educational instruction.


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