The internet has made it possible to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and other investments very easily and here are three investment sites that can be idiot-proof. When I first started handling stock investments I was scared to death. The thought of pushing the wrong button and losing all my money or picking really bad investments was a fear. However, having free advice and support with do it yourself stock trading is really less dangerous than finding a financial advisor that might scam you. Here are three investment website reviews that I have tried personally and my basic summary of each one.


My personal favorite investment website is Fidelity. They have online videos, seminars available live at their offices, and webinars with much helpful advice. In addition, every time I called with a question the help given was impeccable.

Trades are $7.95 plus free trades are available with special promotions. A really great feature is a summary of most stocks that give a rating of bullish to bearish by many advisors. There are stock screeners to help you select what to buy based on your goals. The services with Fidelity seem endless.

Charles Schwab

This firm is known for having great advisors in the past. They still will try to have you use one of their advisors that charge a fee, as will Fidelity and other firms. You can get online help with any problems for free and use their trading tools pretty easily.

The ratings at Schwab are like at school where A, B, C, and D show best to worst. You can pick several different advisor groups to get opinions or use the Schwab scores. Trades are $8.95 and I found the trades to go as fast and efficiently as Fidelity.


Capital One has introduced Sharebuilder, and trades here are the least expensive at $6.95. It is pretty easy to make trades, but they do not have the bells and whistles like the other sites for guidance. If you want to combine your savings with a Sharebuilder account, you can set it up so it will draw from that account easily.

The trading tools with Sharebuilder are not as good as Fidelity or Schwab. If you know the stocks that you want and do not need to do much research, you can save on trades with the lower prices. This is a very simple site if you just want the investment basics. All these websites have been secure and accurate with my trades. Your needs may determine what is best for you.

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