Ways to speed up an auto insurance claim is a common concern for insureds. Most people cannot go long without their car. They use this commodity to earn money, care for their kids and handle personal needs. So, as an insurance professional, when posed with this question, I do my best to give my clients tips on how to expedite their claim and receive payment right away.

1. Contact your claims adjuster, immediately.
Your claims adjuster has to investigate the accident in order to determine payment allocation. Part of his investigation is your description of how the loss occurred and the location of your vehicle damages. Delaying a return phone call because you’re uncomfortable with the process only holds up your money.

2. Fax or e-mail important paper work.
Insurance companies have no control over what happens at the post office. So, returning vital paperwork to your insurer via this route only slows up the claims process. Instead, fax or e-mail these documents in and call the appropriate party to confirm receipt.

3. Take advantage of drive-in facilities.
Drive-in facilities offer you a chance to get an estimate and payment on the same day. They are set up by insurance companies with employees trained to quickly assess the cost of your vehicle damages and then cut you a check. Appointments are made through your claims adjuster.

4. Cooperate and follow through with requests.
If a claims adjuster or auto appraiser contacts you for additional information, follow through with their requests. At times, they involve meeting someone at the scene of the accident to determine more about fault or providing information on a witness or police report. These requests might seem petty to you, but they are game changers in regards to claim payments.

5. Go through your own insurance company.

Get over the idea that you should only receive payment by the other driver’s insurance company because you’re not at fault. Coverage questions, lack of contact and misinformation can cause them to hold off paying you. The easiest quickest route to resolve your claim is to go through your own insurance company, an entity with ties to you. Your deductible can be retrieved and reimbursed to you later.

In conclusion, the above are ways to speed an auto insurance claim. Employ them and get payment from your insurer after an accident more quickly.

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