TJ Maxx is one of the largest clothing retailers with more than 1000 stores in the United States. They sell a wide range of products such as men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, toys, bathing accessories, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc.

TJ Maxx is well-known for selling products at a lesser price compared to other retailers like them. They have both online and offline stores. To facilitate their customers’ purchases, they have introduced credit cards – just like other retailers.

But not many are aware of the in-depth details about their credit card services. This article will analyze all the details about the credit card so that you can make better use of those cards next time or make an informed decision to buy a new one.

Different Types of Cards Offered by TJ Maxx

There are three credit cards issued by TJ Maxx.

  1. The TJX Rewards Credit Card
  2. TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard
  3. TJX World MasterCard


All kinds of TJX credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. You can get TJX Rewards credit cards at their store. If you want to get those cards, your credit score should be above 620.

Sometimes when you directly apply for their platinum credit card, it may be rejected. Instead, you would be given the store card. If your credit score is above 670, there are better options for you to get other credit cards.

Where can you get these Cards and How to apply for it?

The process of getting TK Maxx credit cards is pretty straightforward. You can either get it online or get it from their stores.

If you are getting it at their store, the customer care people will help you to complete the process. Getting it online is much easier. You can get it on T.J Maxx’s website.

Once you get on the application page first enter your name, then your phone number, address, email address, social security number, and your yearly income. Include all the details they have asked for. They may take some time to process the credit cards.

If you have applied for a card through online mode, you can get all the updates on your online account. You can also get monthly statements through print or digital format.

These are the only two ways to get your credit cards. You don’t have an option to get it over the phone.

Where can it be used?

The usage of the cards depends on the kind of card you are using. TJX Rewards Credit card is accepted at all TJ Maxx stores, and at Marshall’s, HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post, and Homesense – which are all affiliated to TJ Maxx.

If you are in possession of their MasterCard and Platinum MasterCard, you can use it online and all over the world where MasterCard is accepted.

Different ways to make a credit payment

You can make the credit card payment by using different methods.

Registering your Credit Card Online

Before you make the payment online, it is better to register your credit card account details online by visiting Synchrony Bank’s official website.


  1. Open the bank’s website through this link: Synchrony Bank
  2. Click the registration icon and enter your credit card number and billing zip code.
  3. Proceed further and enter all the necessary details asked there.
  4. You will get a confirmation once you complete the procedure.


Once you complete the registration process, you can easily make the payment online by following the steps below.

  1. Open bank’s page and login into your account
  2. Type the user name and password that you created during registration.
  3. Get you bank’s account number, credit card number, bank routing number.
  4. Follow the instructions given there and complete the payment.

 Pay as Guest

If you don’t want to log in, you can simply choose the “pay as guest” option.

  1. On bank’s login page, click “pay as guest” option.
  2. Type your credit card number, last four digit of your social security number and your billing code
  3. After clicking, “continue”, follow their instructions and fill other details to complete the process.

Paying Through Phone

  1. Call the customer care number.
  2. If it is Rewards credit card call 800-952-6133. For MasterCard call 877-890-3150.
  3. Say that you want to make payment and follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Paying by Mail

  1. Write a check or a money order for the due amount.
  2. Get the payment coupon from your account statement.
  3. Mail the coupons to the addresses that are specified for MasterCard and credit card.

Benefits of Credit Card

  • For every dollar you spend at their store, you get 5 points as a reward. These reward points get accumulated up to 1000 points for which you will be given a $ 10 certificate during your billing cycle. This $ 10 comes as a reward for every $ 200 you spend at their store. You can also collect this certificate from your online account. This certificate expires in two years and you can use it at their store or at the stores affiliated with them in U.S or Puerto Rico. You cannot cash this certificate or transfer it to someone else.
  • If you have got your new credit card at the store, you can use it at their store and avail 10% off on your first purchase. If you got it through online, you can avail that 10% offer only through online. You can also print the coupon and spend it at the stores connected with them.
  • As a TJX Rewards credit card holder you will get notified about private shopping events, and you will get discounts for many products. You can also opt to receive such offer notifications via email.
  • One of the best thing about TJX Rewards card is that you don’t have to pay annual fee.

Some Disadvantages of using TJ Maxx credit cards

  • The major disadvantage of this credit card is their high Annual Percentage rate which is 26.99%. Pay off your bill properly every month, if not you will be charges will get higher and higher.
  • You cannot own more than 5 credit cards. If you try to own more than 5 cards, TJX would deny your application.
  • Compared to Chase Freedom Flex credit cards, the discount options for TJX Rewards card are very less.


If you are brand loyal or a regular shopper at TJ Maxx store, this credit card is ideal for you because you can get $ 10 for every $ 200 purchase and make use of other benefits.

If you are not a fan of their brand, you might not effectively use their coupons and exclusive discount offers – for which you will end up paying a huge APR.