In the recent years, food delivery industry is seeing a tremendous increase all over the world. Many popular food delivery apps in the U.S such as GrubHub, Doordash, Ubereats, Postmates, and instacart are used by a large number of population.

This is because those apps offer attractive discounts which many people, consider it to be cost-effective. Also, people who have an exhausting day at work, don’t find enough energy to cook their meal from the scratch.

So order-in has become a go-to option for many busy families. But most of these apps deliver both healthy and junk food which are prepared by different restaurants.

One major disadvantage of those apps is that they don’t have subscription facility to deliver food on regular basis. It can be quite annoying if you are late from work and your favorite food place is closed already. This paved the way for subscription-based food delivery apps.

Freshly is one among the many subscription-based food delivery apps. Unlike ordinary delivery apps, Freshly delivers fresh foods that are prepared by chefs with the guidance of nutritionists.

Their value is to prepare and deliver foods that are less processed, have less sugar, and highly nutritious. They have lots of options such as gluten-free food, vegan meals, and nutritious meals to suit the dietary preferences of an individual.

Freshly is welcomed by a lot of people as all they have to do is heat the food in the oven and have a delicious meal. This article covers everything you need to know about Freshly and major pros and cons of using it.

How it works?

They have two options for food subscription: one is Freshly/ FreshlyFit and the other one is Freshly Well (previously Freshly Business). The meals prepared by them will be delivered both to the individuals and business teams. So, it can be a single-serving or multiple-serving depending on the option you choose.

Registering for Meal Plan

In order to register for the meal plan, you have to create an account on their website or on their app. Click the sign up option and you will be asked to enter your email id and zip code.

As a next step, you can choose the meal plan that suits you the best. It can be 4, 6, 9, 12 meals per week. Once you choose the option, you can pick the day you want your meal to be delivered.

The menu would be displayed. It contains both the Freshly and FreshlyFit meals. Freshly meals are regular food whereas FreshlyFit meals are specifically prepared for people who want to cut out carbs, incorporate high nutrition, and follow latest paleo and keto diet plans.

You can add the meals you want to the cart. This option could be useful for two people if one wants to eat a regular dinner and other one a carb-free, nutritious food.

Menu Options

As far as Freshly Well is concerned, you can make an order the same way. While making your order you should make sure that all the necessary information is filled out on the freshly’s form . Their 30+ menu option would ensure that you are eating different meals each day. Some of their options include:

  • Steak Peppercorn – 500 calorie, gluten-free, single-serving
  • Home style chicken – 560 calorie, gluten-free, single serving
  • Protein-packed chicken parm – 410 calorie, gluten-free, single serving
  • Sautéed French green beans (11 Oz) – 140 calorie, gluten-free, multi-serving
  • 8 baked Turkey meatballs (9.98 Oz) – 110 calorie, gluten-free, multi serving

These and much more interesting options are available on their website.

Freshly Pricing

They have different cost for different plans.

  • 4 meals a week is $47.16 ($11.79 / meal) + $9.99 shipping = $57.15
  • 5 meals a week is $58.95 ($11.79 / meal) + $9.99 shipping = $68.94
  • 6 meals a week is $59.94 ($9.99 / meal) + $9.99 shipping = $69.93
  • 7 meals a week is $69.93 ($9.99 / meal) + $9.99 shipping = $79.92
  • 8 meals a week is $75.92 ($9.49 / meal) + $9.99 shipping = $85.91
  • 9 meals a week is $85.41 ($9.49 / meal) + $9.99 shipping = $95.40
  • 10 meals a week is $92.90 ($9.29 / meal) + $10.99 shipping = $103.89
  • 11 meals a week is $102.19 ($9.29 / meal) + $10.99 shipping = $113.18
  • 12 meals a week is $107.88 ($8.99 / meal) + $11.99 shipping = $119.87

You can also easily cancel a meal plan for a week on their app. The food will be delivered on a specific day in a week. The payment for the meals delivered should be paid every week.


Easy preparation

Preparing healthier food has never been this easy before. All you have to do is take the plastic cover off of the package and heat the food in the oven for 3 minutes.

Once you take the meal out, wait for one minute and you are good to go! This easy preparation saves you a lot of time.

Nutritious Food

Following a healthy diet is difficult for many since they don’t have time to stick to their dietary plans. Your dietary requirements in your meals are planned by nutritionists and prepared by chefs.

So, you get to eat both healthy and delicious food.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Many people wouldn’t know what to cook seven days a week even if they have enough time to cook from the scratch. Freshly has 30+ options so that you never get bored of eating the same menu twice or thrice in a week.

Good Packing

Their meals are packed in micro-oven-safe food box. The meal boxes come in a huge ice box so that the meals don’t lose its moisture when you return late from work and collect it.

Typically, you can use it within the three days but if you want to prolong the usage put it in the freezer. Also, the outer box of each meal is bio-degradable which shows the company environment-conscious packing.

Portion Size

The meals contain a portion of veggies and meat which could be more than enough for one person. This makes your dinner wholesome.

Freshly/Freshlyfit and Freshly Well

The fact that they have single-serving and multi-serving makes it easier for many to choose Freshly.

Who can use it?

Freshly subscription is an excellent option for individuals living alone, busy families, and people who want to lose or gain weight.

Since they have gluten-free food options and fully plant-based food options, both vegans and people with gluten intolerance can benefit. However, this meal plans cannot be successful for large families, and people who eats larger portion of food.


  • Hassle-free timely delivery
  • Easy preparation with 3 minutes and easy cleanup
  • Each member of the family can choose the meal they want
  • 30+ healthier options
  • Protective packing
  • Business delivery option


  • Some may find the food portions to be lesser
  • Not ideal for large families

Other Food Subscription Options

There are other options available such as HomeChef, HelloFresh, and BlueApron. For Home Chef meals you have to do the preparation and the cooking.

Hello Fresh sends fresh ingredients to cook your own meals. Blue Apron is ideal for those who are diet conscious. Each of these options have different menus you could conveniently choose from.

The rates are lesser than Freshly since you have to do the cooking with the sent ingredients.


Freshly seems to be a best option if you are living alone and don’t have time to cook. Their delicious ready-to-eat meals can be a bit expensive but is totally worth it.

So, without a hesitation you can go for this Freshly food which has been making the lives of people much easier.