Kids Who Love Pets Can Make Summer Money

Your kids can help out neighbors who plan to travel by offering to pet sit. Children who love pets and have experience with them can be relied upon to water, feed, groom and exercise familiar pets. This summer job should only last a few days and parents can expect to supervise this venture. Begin by creating a post on Facebook or print some colorful fliers to distribute in your neighborhood.

Earn Money for Summer with a Stand

Children can earn summer cash by selling homemade goods from a stand in the yard. Some ideas that might earn some summer cash: selling flavored ices, iced tea, lemonade, cookie, brownies or homemade ice cream. Besides the food supplies, you’ll need a table to use as a stand, chairs and some shade. Again, social networking sites are great for promoting your child’s summer job. Post the hours and invite friends and family to stop by for some homemade goodies.

Earn Extra Money with an Art Show

Is your child an aspiring artist? Encourage her to create some masterpieces and then host an art show. Like a professional gallery, issue invitations and allow family members to bid on or purchase outright pictures, paintings and sculptures. Ask the child to make a presentation (if she’s not too shy) and talk about each piece of art. This is an exciting and safe way to earn money for summer.

Source: Money Instructor