With the introduction of credit and debit cards, cashless payments have now become easier. We no longer see people fumbling for a change at the checkout.
But advancement in technology hasn’t stopped there. Many payment apps have been introduced to make your payment experience smoother.

But the question is, does a big retailer like Target accept such payment applications?

Target is one of the best retail stores in the world, that has more than 1900 stores in the United States alone.
Shopping at Target and not being able to pay using payment apps would be quite inconvenient, as other big stores have started accepting such payment methods.
But no worries, the most popular store that has everything under one roof made an announcement that they would accept other cashless payment methods.
Let’s look at the payment modes that are accepted at Target, starting with Apple Pay.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple phones and watches are used by millions of people all around the world. Having its origin in the United States, there are 113 million iPhone users in the U.S – amounting to 47 percent of total smartphones usage in the USA.
Like other smartphones, Apple has also introduced “Apple Pay” to facilitate easy cashless payment. With its smart and safe features, you can easily download the “Apple Pay” from their store and start using it at your favorite retail store! The next question would be: How to use Apple Pay? Don’t worry, we will take you through all those details step by step.

First of all, Apple Pay is accepted at Target. That just made things better for you as an iPhone user, didn’t it? Thanks to Target for that! When we say Target, it’s not just the physical store, you can also use Apple Pay on Target’s website and their app.

Before we use the Apple Pay payment method, you need to understand how to add your credit/debit card to the Apple Pay wallet.

  • To begin with, download Apple wallet app from Apple store.
  • Press add button and choose “credit” or “debit” card.
  • Add the details manually or you can even take a picture of your card (make sure it covers all the details on the card.
  • You will be asked to verify the details with the respective bank.
  • Once verified, you are good to go.
  • If you have an Apple watch, you can also pair the devices.

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone at Target?

  • Click the power button twice.
  • The Apple Wallet option would appear on your screen.
  • Target has contactless terminal where they have card readers to read the barcode that shows on your phone.
  • Bring your phone closer to the card reader.
  • Once it reads the card on your phone, the payment is done successfully.

Sometimes you may face troubles in completing the payment. It could be due to insufficient balance, fault in the card reader, or fault in your iPhone.
Check your balance always. If Apple pay doesn’t work on a particular terminal, go for another one or call the store employee for help.

Apple Watch for Payment

Using an Apple watch for payment is similar to that of using an iPhone. If your devices are paired, the details about your card would be stored in the Apple Wallet.

Open the app, bring your watch closer to the card reader to ensure that it reads the barcode displayed on your watch. Then the payment is done.

Similarly, you can use the Apple Pay option on the Target app. Once you select the items, add those items to the cart, at the checkout point, you would be asked the desired payment method.

Click the Apple pay option and complete the transaction.

Other Payment Modes that are accepted at Target

Target also accepts other payment modes like Samsung Pay Mini, Google pay, Target cards (Red Card, Debit and Credit card, Master Card, Gift card, e-gift card), Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

By using Target Red Card at the checkout, you can avail 5% discount on products you have purchased both on their website and at the store. Terms and conditions apply for that usage, you can check further details of that on their official website, by following this link: Target Red Card Rules

How to use Google Pay at Target?

Google Pay is supported on all android phones, including iPhone (for IOS 10.0 or higher version). You can set up Google Pay by following the below steps:

  • Download the app from Play store or Apple store.
  • Type in your google account id and phone number.
  • Set up a passcode for your safety.
  • Add in your bank account details.
  • Fill in the other information asked.
  • The details will be verified by the bank.
  • Once confirmed by your bank, the Gpay account is all set up.
  • You can also add credit/debit card details within the app.

At the store, you can scan the QR code; enter the PIN number you have set for Google Pay; the payment would be transferred to the shop’s bank account and you will get a confirmation for that.

Unlike Google Pay, you can add different UPI Ids to your Samsung Pay Mini. Similar to iPhone, press the power button, the wallet option would appear on the screen, select the UPI id or direct credit/debit card details to complete the transaction.

Paying through iPhone and other devices has never been this easy and safe before. Thanks to technology, now you have different options to pay at Target; you can tap your card on the card reader or show the barcode on your phone or scan the QR code to pay for the purchased items at the checkout.