There are many people in this world who love dogs. Spending time with their furry friends is the best time they could invest in. You could walk your dog around the neighborhood, bath them, train them, and spoil them with your love.

Now, what if you could do all that for money? You would do what you love the most and earn for it! Well, the designers of Rover and Wag applications thought the same as you did.

Not every pet owner can give 24/7 care for their pets due to their hectic schedule. So, they need someone reliable to take care of their pets. That’s where these applications come in and offer their services for pet owners.

Let’s look at the details of Rover and Wag in detail and see which app works better for making money.


There are apps available to order food, medicines, groceries, and cab service etc. Just like those apps Rover dog walking app is a platform that connects both the pet owners and pet caregivers.

Launched in 2011, this app is now used by at least 85,000 dog caregivers in 14,000+ cities in the United States. This is the most popular application compared to the other dog walking apps.

Recently, they have ventured into European market by buying the most popular dog service platform available in Europe called DogBuddy.

Service provided by Rover

Rover offers different services such as, boarding, house sitting, dog walking, doggy day care, and drop-in visits.

Boarding: This service lets your pet stay overnight at the caregiver’s home.

House sitting: The caregiver takes care of your pet and your house while you are away.

Dog walking: The most common service used by many pet owners. The person you pick will take your dog for a walk.

Doggy day care: You can leave your pets at your sitter’s home in the morning and pick up them in the evening.

Drop-in visits: The caregiver will visit your home to play with your pets, feed them, and clean their litter.

How to register on Rover?

In order to provide your services, you will have to create an account either on their website or in their app. It’s easy to register on their website/app and it involves only few steps. If you are a new user, first sign up by adding the name, address, contact details, email, and password.

You can also sign up using Google, Facebook, or Apple account. Once done, you will have to upload your photo, contact information, tagline, the services you offer, and the rates you would like to charge.

If you are someone who wants to avail the pet sitter’s service, choose the relevant options on homepage such as date, pick up time, service you need, address, pet breed and size. The sitters near your location will pop up and you can easily pick the one.

User Requirements to use Rover

  • You have to be 18 and above to be a pet sitter.
  • Pet owners usually prefer someone who has a background check done. It may cost $ 25. You can also do $ 35 enhanced background check where your records are searched manually at county court.
  • Ensure that Rover operates in your area and dogs are allowed in your neighborhood.

The background check may take 5 to 10 business days. Once it is complete you can start accepting requests.

How much you can earn with Rover?

Rover claims that pet caretaker can earn up to $ 1000 per month. But it depends purely on the services you offer and the area you live in.

You can set your own rate. If you are new, it is better to start at a minimal rate. You could always increase it after a few testimonials. Services such as, boarding the pets can help you earn more compared to the dog or cat sitting.

Also, if you live in an expensive area where pet caretakers charge much, you can also charge higher. One thing you have to remember is that Rover takes 20% as a commission fee for the amount you charge, i.e. for $ 30, they will let you have $ 26.

Once the payment is done you can receive it through PayPal or as a check. The check may take 5-10 days to process and you will have to pay $ 5 fee for that. On the other hand, you can easily receive payments through PayPal within 2-4 days.

Safety measures provided by Rover

  • 24/7 customer care support.
  • Verified reviews to select caregivers easily.
  • GPS tracking is available to track the activities of your pet.
  • “Rover Guarantee” to cover pet injuries, physical property damages, and injuries to third parties. You can read a lot about it on their website.
  • Both ordinary and enhanced background checks done on pet caregivers.
  • You can book a free prior meeting with dog sitters before booking.

Rover is comparatively better than other dog walking apps. But it comes with both pros and cons.


  • They have best User Interface.
  • Lots of walkers and sitters available.
  • Better dog/cat care service options.
  • You can meet caretakers before booking.


  • Cannot book dog walking in-between morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Late payment through checks.
  • Doesn’t focus much on dogs’ needs.
  • No health insurance for the caregivers.


Wag is a similar dog walking app like Rover. It was started pretty recently yet it has many users across United States. Initially, the app started as an on demand Uber service where you can book nearby dog walkers at the last minute and they can provide the service when they are available.

Then it was developed into a proper platform and extended their services. Currently, they are operating in more than 4,600 cities with 10 million dog services already done.

Services Provided by Wag

Dog walks: They have on demand or pre-scheduled 20 minute, 30 minute, or 60 minute walk available for your pets.

Overnight: The pets can have sleepover at your place or at caregivers home when you are away.

Drop-in: The caregivers will drop-in just to have some playtime with your pets.

Wag! Wellness: Best care for your pet is provided through their insurance and wellness plans. You can check the details on their website. Pet owners are connected with the experienced vets for expert advice.

Training: Dogs and cats of all ages are given training by an expert trainer at the comfort of your home or over video calls.

How to Register on Wag?

If you are a new user, sign up for the account by providing basic information about yourself. Pet owners can also include details about dogs such as weight, and what triggers them etc.

Registration can be done both on their website and on their app by following the instructions given there. If you are applying to be a caregiver, you will have to pay $ 29.95 as an application fee. The application process may take up to 14 days.

User Requirements for Wag

  • You have to be 18 and above to be a caregiver.
  • Wag! does a background check on you.
  • You will have to take up 20-30 minutes quiz on dog safety and care.
  • Caregivers’ friends or family should endorse the skills and experiences of the caregivers. Wag! prioritizes people with high endorsements.
  • Work in an area where Wag! operates.
  • Previous training experience required to train pets.

Once your application is approved, you can download “Wag Walker app” on all Apple and android devices. It is quite different from the basic “Wag” app.

How much you can earn with Wag?

Similar to Rover app, you can set your rate on the service you provide for a length of a time. For a 30 minute dog walk you can get up to $ 12 and for overnight sitting you can get up to $ 26.

The pet owners will pay you more if you have to take care of more than one pet. Tips aren’t covered by Wag! and it varies with each pet owner.

The payment is usually sent to your bank account which should be connected with Stripe account. The payments can be withdrawn every Friday. If you want an instant payment you will be charged 3% fee. Unlike Rover, Wag! takes 40% of your money earned through their app.

Safety Measures Provided by Wag

  • 24/7 customer care service.
  • Enhanced background check of the caregivers.
  • GPS tracking to notify you about pet’s activities.
  • You can customize the lockboxes.
  • Service booked are covered by 1 Million in Home liability insurance.


  • Pet training.
  • Customizable lockboxes.
  • Focuses much on dogs’ weight, breed, and their likes and dislikes etc.
  • On demand dog walks.
  • Tipping option on their app.


  • Wag takes 40% commission rate.
  • Not so friendly user interface.
  • Reviews by walkers about pets aren’t visible to pet owners.
  • It’s hard to connect with same walker again.

Major Differences Between Rover and Wag

There are only a few differences between Rover and Wag apps. You can easily finish the application process with Rover whereas Wag charges $29.95 for that.

The commission rate Wag charges is way higher than Rover. Rover doesn’t have tipping facility, but Wag does. Wag also requires someone to endorse your experiences with dog care.

It can be quite a headache for new people who want to take up this as a profession. Rover doesn’t cover your insurance since you don’t work as their employee but as an independent contractor. Rover has doggy day care services, whereas Wag has training service.

On the whole, both the apps have their pros and cons, as a caregiver you can pick the app which suits you best.