There are many benefits to owning and using a moped for transportation. Having primarily used my own scooter for over two years, I can testify that the vehicles are quite convenient. What makes moped scooters so great?

1) Gas
These scooters have small gas tanks and get more miles per gallon than any car on the market. My own scooter boasts a one and a half gallon tank that cost less than five dollars to fill up. This gallon and a half often last me two to four weeks depending on the amount of travel done. One simply cannot beat this fuel efficiency.

2) Insurance
50cc scooters (which are the most common) do not require insurance. This saves riders hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on the added expense of insurance.

3) Maintenance
In the time I’ve owned my scooter, I’ve never spent more than forty dollars on any given part. This cannot be said for the Saturn that my mother and I own. This car has cost us thousands of dollars over the past four years. In two years, I’ve spent less than three-hundred dollars on my scooter which was heavily used before it ever came into my possession.

Despite the many benefits of moped scooters, there are many dangers and other issues associated with the vehicles. Such issues include:

1) Other Drivers
Whether you’re on a moped, a full-sized motorcycle or a bicycle… many motorists think they own the road. It is not uncommon for drivers to ignore two-wheeled vehicles completely which is dangerous. I’ve been run off the road by a car in the past. Why do people act this way? Who knows! Is it really so difficult to go around the moped that cannot go over thirty-five miles per hour?

2) Weather
On two wheels, you have to protective roof overhead. You are completely exposed to the elements. Ona hot day, it can be quite nice to experience the breeze on your face. On a cold winter evening, this could be a far less enjoyable experience. Rain also hurts quite a bit when it pounds against your body as you ride along at thirty miles per hour.

These vehicles have the potential to be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. The decision to own a moped scooter is yours alone. I can merely state that I have never regretted owning mine. Be sure to remember all of the pros and cons when deciding if purchasing a moped scooter is right for you.