Working in program management offers you a lot of great opportunities in your career. There is a good average salary and job outlook in the United States for program management, and it all starts with getting your certification. Many schools offer the PMP certification, though you should definitely take your time in choosing the right school and training program. Some schools even offer special prep work, such as a boot camp style training and tutors to help you pass the final exam. By getting your certification, you prove to prospective employers that you have put in the time and effort to learn everything you can in your field.

PMP Certification Requirements

The first thing to understand about PMP certification training is what is required to get your certification. Before taking the exam, you will need to have the proper education. The first possible education to quality is if you have a high school diploma or GED and a minimum of five years of experience with project management, with a minimum of 35 hours project management education and 7,500 hours or more of directing and leading projects. The other option is to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent four-year degree and three years of experience in project management, including a minimum of 35 hours of project management education and 4,500 hours of directing projects.

Why Should You Get Certification?

As you can see from the requirements, it is possible to have education, training and work experience in program management without getting your certification. But you may find that although you are a program manager, your projects are limited. Many companies and organizations have more intensive programs they need someone to direct, lead and manage for them, but are only looking for someone with the right certification. This is showing you are passionate about your job and want to put in the effort to get the certification.

Finding Help For the Certification

PMP certification training is provided by a variety of local and online programs that help you get ready for your certification exam. This exam is going to test every aspect of program management to make sure you have what it takes for the final credentials. Look for a school that offers whatever method of learning is best for you, whether it is tutoring, course material, or on-the-job training to test your skills when you’re working as a program manager.