The very word “free” expresses the notion of not being bound by any traditional norms or societal structures. People with free spirits are not influenced by any external factors and they will listen to their hearts to take a course of action.

Very often, free-spirited people tend to influence other persons to grow and be original –without compromising on anything that bounds them. In today’s world, people are not so willing to confine themselves to a 9-6 job.

With lots of opportunities available in the job market, many choose to work for their clients independently without being affiliated with any companies or organizations.  People who call themselves “free spirit” want to express their creativity through work and be flexible in their work timings. Their motive is not to just make money but to do jobs that they are passionate about. Since the breakout of COVID – 19, the remote and hybrid working options have become a suitable opportunity for people with free spirits to do their work at their pace.

So, let us see in this article, the 10 jobs that are best suitable for people with free spirits.

Web designer

Almost all businesses these days have realized the importance of having an online presence. So the demand for website designers is high.

The primary duty of a website designer is to gather information from the client-side, write code to design a website, and collaborate with graphic designers, computer programmers to communicate the idea of the client visually.

Photo by Tranmautritam

The main idea is to attract the attention of people and draw more customers to their client’s websites. From writing code to delivering it, one can showcase their skills, and be more creative to make the website stand out from the rest of the others.

Even companies encourage web designers to be more creative with their work. The payment for this job ranges from $40 per hour to $100 per hour, depending on how well you can communicate your idea.
In addition to getting a handsome salary, web designing work can be a fulfilling experience for people with free spirits. This work is best suitable for people who come out with their own ideas.

Video Editor

Films, documentaries, and advertisements are all around us. What we see is the final result of well-put-together audio-visuals. We don’t see the amount of work that goes into putting the puzzling, raw footage together.
This is where the video editor comes in. He/She is responsible for editing the footage by referring to the script and incorporating music, dialogues into it to ensure the continuity of particular footage.

Photo by Ron Lach 

Video Editors also work in teams to deliver a proper, top-notch visual. Adding Graphics and sound effects are some of the areas where video editors can express their creativity by using high-end editing technologies and they can also try to discover more options to improve the quality of the video.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you are someone who thinks your work should require creativity, then video editing work can be a good choice for your career.

Being a video editor, you can learn many things and at the same time, you can also contribute your talent to it. The hourly pay varies depending on the experience one has, but on average, video editors are paid $35 per hour to $120 per hour.

Freelancer Writer

Communication has now become an essential part of our day-to-day life. With thousands of new products being introduced in the market every day, companies require content writers to communicate about their products to the public.
So, content writing has now become an integral part of the marketing strategy of different companies. As a freelance writer, you could work for an organization on a contractual basis or work independently for different clients.

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Freelance writers usually write for blogs, documents, product descriptions, social media profiles, and e-commerce sites.
Before writing about a particular topic content writers are expected to do thorough research about the topic and the content is created to reach the target consumers. Writing style varies with each individual, you may be someone who can use simple language or a complex set of words to describe something.

If you are passionate about writing, this job is ideal for you. There would be zero restrictions to showcase your style, and you can also explore different other styles to satisfy your client’s requirements. The average hourly pay for freelance writers is $18 to $25.


Photography is the best way to capture a moment and store it for years. All social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.) are flooded with pictures taken by both amateur and professional photographers.
The pictures range from beautiful landscape sceneries to candid pictures of people and animals. People who take photography as their profession, don’t choose it out of necessity but out of passion.

Photo by Zukiman Mohamad

Professional photographers are more in demand these days. They are hired to capture every special occasion in a family. Besides, new and innovative photographs are always welcomed by people as it displays the individuals’ ability to capture a normal something into an extraordinary memory.
This job allows you to travel to different places and interact with a lot of people to gain a wholesome experience. Although the photography field has now seemed to be saturated with many amateur photographers, it’s never too late to follow your passion.
If you feel that photography is your calling, then you don’t have to hesitate, as a free spirit you can start your journey in photography. In this field there are many people with different levels of skillsets, so the average hourly pay varies to a great extent. The average hourly pay for this job ranges from $25 to $150.


I am sure most of us would have come across the movie “Ratatouille” where the protagonist gains the attention of the public through a new dish prepared by a rat.

Yes, as a chef you can cook and experiment with new dishes which may even become famous. Chefs usually work for restaurants, organizations, and private kitchens.

Photo by Elle Hughes

Whatever the situation may be, as a chef you get to design the menus, interact with customers, and constantly upgrade the ingredients of a dish. You may have to stay next to fire and sweat a bit, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you are passionate about exploring different flavors and tastes. The average hourly pay for a chef ranges from $50 per hour to $200 per hour.


Working closely with nature has its own benefits; its therapeutic, calming, and relaxing. Gardening is one of the best outdoor activities and it is best suited for a free-spirited person.

Gardening doesn’t require much skill, but it takes a lot of work to tend and nurture a plant, fertilize the earth, and pull out the weeds.
You can either work as a gardener individually or you can co-work with teams to design a landscape. As a self-employed gardener, you can sell the fruits and vegetables of your garden or you can even exhibit your garden during the autumn season to showcase your creativity and influence other people to do the same. The average hourly pay for the gardener ranges from $15 to $30.


Teachers require special kinds of skill sets to impart education to students. They are responsible for taking forward the next generation.
Teachers may teach for schools, colleges, or private institutions. There are many teachers who don’t teach just for money; they get into teaching because of their passion and in most cases, they want to teach students just for the essence of it.

Each age group requires a different kind of intervention to help them understand a particular subject. The syllabus may be a standard one that is followed everywhere, but the way a teacher teaches can be a whole lot different, this is where a teacher is required to bring in their creativity.

Educators who teach for NGOs usually employ different techniques such as charts, games, computers, songs, and many more to make their teaching effective.

As a free-spirited person, being an educator could be an ideal job. The warm greetings from your pupil every day would give you the satisfaction of doing the best job in the world. The hourly pay for this job varies from 20 dollars to 60 dollars.


Music is something that has existed since ancient times. There are different kinds of music available, such as classic, oriental, rock and roll, hip hop, pop, etc.
In recent times, the demand for DJs and individual music artists has gone higher because of the creativity shown in their work.

Photo by Wendy Wei

There are also many people around the world showcasing their musical talents through different channels like Youtube, Instagram, and other social media apps.

As a musician, you can blend in with different kinds of music and make it a masterpiece. The chances of being popular and globally recognized are much higher in this field.

The best thing about the music career is that you would also be able to get an opportunity to collaborate with various other artists all around the world.

The schedule for this work is super flexible; you could express your passion and still earn handsome money. The hourly pay for this job varies, depending on the popularity and skill. But on average, musicians can earn $30 to $60 per hour.

Interior Designer

We all have admired ancient palaces that have mesmerizing interior designs. Many times we would have longed to have our houses decorated on the inside to give us that rich, cozy feeling.

There are people who have their career dedicated just to make our house look fantastic. The interior designers work, both for residential places and for commercial buildings.

They are responsible for designing a building based on clients’ requirements and budgets. Interior designers are much similar to an artist, you get to create a masterpiece out of a plain wall.

As an interior designer, you can collaborate with the construction team and choose different things like paint, lighting, furniture, and layout to suit that particular building.

Interior designers would have a lot of opportunities to exhibit their creativity. Whatever the case may be, you could express your talent without much restrictions – a perfect job for a person with a free spirit. The average hourly pay for this job ranges from $25 to $50.

Digital Artists

Digital artists are responsible for designing online web content such as logos, advertisement boards, email templates, illustrations, animations, social media sites, marketing collaterals, etc.

They usually collaborate with the marketing team to bring out the best design that aligns with the theme of a company. During the design creation process, one can throw in a lot of creativity because these jobs require individuals with artistic minds.

Digital artists are much sought after these days as every company is now looking for someone to make their online presence impactful.

This job would be perfect for a person who likes creative work and who believes that art speaks more than words. The average hourly pay for this job ranges from $20 to $80.


From the above points, we can see the best opportunities available for free-spirited people to explore and express their talent.
The above-mentioned jobs are some of the best, as these jobs let you be who you are and you could also earn some good money for your work.