Walmart is popular for its gift cards, it is a great marketing strategy and at the same time, it also provides benefits to the consumer. It can be used to buy a variety of products through both online and offline modes.

The introduction of gift cards has benefitted both consumers and retailers. Gift cards have made it easy for consumers to give material gifts, the person receiving the gift card can use it to buy any product he/she likes at Walmart.

On the other hand, Walmart uses these cards to enhance its marketing strategy and reach a potential number of customers. When it comes to marketing, compared to the traditional advertisement boards, gift cards are less expensive and highly effective in marketing the products.

It also helps Walmart to increase its product sales and profits. Although most of us would have used the gift cards provided by Walmart, not many of us would know about the terms and other information about the card. So, let us see in this article, in detail about Walmart gift cards.

Where can you get a Walmart gift card?

To begin with, where can you buy Walmart gift cards?

You can buy physical/plastic gift cards at Walmart. Apart from that, you can buy their cards at Sam’s club – the only store owned by Walmart.
Walmart also provides e-gift cards, which is an online version of the physical gift card. If you want to buy e-gift cards, you have two options.

The first option is, you can purchase it on Walmart’s official website page here: Walmart’s gift cards

where you have many options to choose from, such as Walmart gift cards, Specialty gift cards, American Express/ Visa/ Master gift cards, and there is also an option to buy gift cards in bulk for Corporates and big businesses.
You can use Walmart gift cards to buy plenty of products ranging from personal care to electronic items at their store. Specialty gift cards and American Express/Visa/ Master gift cards come under open-loop type, where you can use it at food outlets such as Subway, Dominoes, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, etc.

The second option to buy the e-gift card is through the official PayPal website, Paypal Walmart Gift Cards. You can pay the amount online, get the card, and can send it to your loved ones as a gift!

Walmart Physical Gift Cards

Gift cards look similar to that of a debit card or a credit card. A physical gift card consists of a 16-digit card number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) located next to that card number.

The PIN number should be scratched before usage. On the other hand, the e-gift also contains a 16-digit card number and a PIN which is usually sent to the provided e-mail id.

Choosing Unique Style

Walmart also offers gift cards with unique designs, users can choose a gift card according to the purpose. For example, if you are looking to give a Walmart gift card at a birthday party, you can use the gift card with Happy Birthday design. Walmart’s unique gift card designs can be found here: Walmart Unique Gift Card Designs.

You can check the balance of both the cards either at the store or online here: Walmart check the gift card balance. You just have to provide the PIN number and you will be able to check your gift card’s balance instantly.

Benefits of Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world. They have thousands of products ranging from a needle to electronic items and furniture.

Owning Walmart’s gift card lets you choose your preferred product from a wide range of options. If the balance is not sufficient to complete the purchase, you can pay the remaining balance using a debit/credit card.

There are also many different options to use the gift cards provided by Walmart. You can easily redeem the gift cards on their official website or on or at any of their physical stores.

Another benefit is that you can buy gift cards in bulk for your company or for your personal use.

How to Activate Gift Cards?

If the value of your card is less than 250 dollars, you don’t require any PIN to activate your gift card. You can straightaway use it at the store. But if the amount exceeds 250 dollars, or 25 gift cards in bulk order, you will be sent a PIN number to activate the card.

The PIN number is sent via e-mail when you place an order. In case you haven’t received the PIN number, check your spam folder in your mail. For any further queries, you can contact their Customer Care number. You can find their contact details here: Walmart’s Contact.

How to Use the Gift Card?

All their gift cards can be used at the Walmart store, selective Murphy’s gas station, and at Sam’s Club (where you will have to pay a 10% fee if you are not a member of Sam’s Club). The plastic cards that don’t have a PIN cannot be used online but can be used at the store.

Terms and Conditions

  • If using Walmart’s gift card in U.S or Puerto Rico, you have to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions, laws, rules and regulations. You cannot by any means misuse the gift card for personal or business benefits.
  • Plastic gift cards and e-gift cards cannot be returned or sold to anyone. Cash in exchange for cards will be provided only if the state law allows it.
  • Up to 5 gift cards can be added in a single account.
  •  These gift cards are allowed in U.S and Puerto Rico locations and not in any other locations.
  • Gift cards cannot be used for any promotional activities such as marketing, advertising, e-mail invitation links, telemarketing, newspaper advertisement etc.
  • In case the card is stolen or lost, Walmart is not responsible for such actions. It cannot be replaced. No compensation would be given for it.
  • Using the logo and other trademark details on the gift cards to buy the gift cards are not allowed.
  • The balance in the gift card is the sole liability of Walmart
  • Walmart gift cards don’t have any expiry date.
  • With regard to usage e-gift card, you can sign in and create up to 5 accounts. If you have extra gift cards to be added at the checkout, you will have to add the card details to complete the transaction. You can use different Walmart gift cards at the store to complete the transaction
  • You can buy a new Walmart gift card by consolidating the balance in other cards you have.


So now that, you know the details about the Walmart gift cards, this information would make your gift card purchase much easier.